FH "Parranda Sanoat Baraka"

Stone Picker KUDRET

Revolutionary Hydraulic Pull helps your machine to get movement with your tractors hydraulic arms instead of regular pull. This hydraulic arms also supports vertical movement; helps your machine get deeper from ground surface and show high performance of collecting stones. Beside all, taking movement power from double arm instead of single; allows less fuel and power consumption by equal distribution of power.
The pallet system, supported by linings and springs, used only by Yüksel Tarım in the world prevents the abnormally large stones damaging your machine. This system protects itself from damage in very large stones and helps you save lots of maintenance cost.
The tank produced from high quality materials is equipped with hydraulic lifts to work even in heavy loads without deformation as well as to reach higher during discharge due to its design.
This system is developed to prevent damage to the machine during abnormal elevations that you may face in the field, allows you to safely lift the front face of machine by raising up to 1 meter through the front lifts.